New accounts are required to apply for credit to establish terms (application form attached). Until credit approval, rush orders are required to be paid by bank transfer, money order or by credit card (4% service charge).



reserves the right to charge 15% annual interest for payments delayed beyond 60 days.


Prices quoted are good for 30 days; BSC reserves the right to change prices by giving 30 days notice.


Distributor cost on open-stock-items are set at 45% discount from salon cost. In addition to this profit margin BSC provides the distributors with marketing and education allowances, for a total of 5%.

Distributor cost on bi-monthly promotions areset between 40 to 42.5% Discountfrom salon cost.


In order to provide incentive to clients to promote the BSC brands through various promotional mediums (such as: print, web, posters, etc.) and to make sure that the clients network is informed through a general education program; our stylists are trained, and are holding courses / seminars to maximize product performance / satisfaction.

BSC provides the following marketing and education allowances:

• Marketing allowance: 2.5% 

• Education allowance: 2.5%


Clients will be granted an annual marketing and education allowance based on 2.5% of their net purchases on regular priced items (excluding applicable taxes and transport).

The allowances must be used within the same calendar year as they are earned. For added clarity, clients must use the allowances in a 12-month period between January 1st and December 31st of the same year. There will be no opportunity to carry forward the amounts into the next allowance period.


BSC reserves the right to approve all expenditures that will be claimed under these allowances.

Upon execution of the qualifying activity, BSC will provide funding by way of a credit note.


Appropriate supporting materials must be provided in order to make a claim against the allowance ie., Pictures of the education day, copies of invoices, copy of the external media purchase, etc..

Both parties agree to revisit the allowance rates from time to time to determine if it is still appropriate and to discuss adjustments based on mutual agreement. The parties agree that the first revision period will not occur until 6 months post launch.

BSC educators are available for $350 per day, with a 30 day notice. Training with one week notice is subject to availability and $500 per day rate. Out of town travel expenses of trainers are in addition to the daily fees.


*Distributor/ Importer are responsible for all the associated fees and charges.
Free standard shipping is applicable for the following conditions (Furniture excluded): Canadian orders above CAD $2,500.00

US orders above USD $3,000.00
Central America & Caribbean orders above USD $5,000.00
Distributor/Importer have the option to provide the account number of their preferred courier.


The distributor/importer will pay special delivery fees as well as all charges, including brokerage fees, duties, and taxes.


BSC will invoice for delivery fees. The courier, UPS, Dahl, FedEx or any other courierBSC uses will invoice the distributor/ importer for entry broker fees, duties and any other fees and taxes.


Shipments are scanned for accuracy by

BSC before shipment. Any shortage or discrepancies concerning deliveries, BSC must be notified within 2 working days following receipt of goods. No claims will be entertained beyond 2 working days.


Goods can only be returned within 90 days from the date of shipment from BSC warehouse.

Prior to return distributor/importer must obtain a return authorization number and fill a RMA form available on BSC website.

Goods received by BSC without a RMA # will be returned to distributor/importer collect, in addition, there will be a $7.50 handling charge per box.

Should goods be ordered in error, or no longer required, they will be accepted as returned goods only if they are current lines, in re-salable condition,properlyagreedbyBSCfortheir returnandwithinthe90daysofshipment.

Returns are subject to a 20% restocking charge. It will be distributors/importer responsibility and cost to ensure the items are returned to BSC warehouse in good condition. The invoice number must be quoted at all times otherwise BSC’s lowest selling price will be used when calculating the value of returned goods.

BSC will issue proper credit note for the value of the goods returned. No amounts are allowed to be deducted from payments other than the credit note issued for returns by BSC.


BSC will replace faulty goods under warranty freeofchargewithproofofpurchase. Thecost of returns to BSC warehouse is the distributer’s responsibility.

Responsibility of BSC is limited only to replace faulty goods under warranty. Under no circumstances BSC is responsible for other charges,orconsequentialdamages.

International Parcel Delivery

For all other international countries, we offer expedited shipping for a flat fee of $25 per order. Orders over $500 USD (excluding duties, taxes, and shipping) will receive free standard shipping.